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Hi Everyone!

My name is Kerry and I’m a junior in CSOM concentrating in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. I’m from the northwest suburbs of Chicago, but yes I will still say I am from “Chicago” like everyone else. I have a younger brother who is a freshman at Brown University and a 5 year old Blue Weimaraner named Honeydew (like the melon, for the light green color of her eyes). You may not remember me from the Tech Trek Orientation last semester because, well, I wasn’t there. I was studying abroad in Paris with BC at a business school (ESCP) for the fall semester which was amazing, but I am so excited to meet everyone when class starts in a couple of weeks!

screenshot 2019-01-03 13.47.58

Me on my last day in Paris!

Some of my interests include traveling, food, figure skating, and fashion! I am so grateful I had the opportunity to go abroad and explore Europe on the weekends, but I’m also excited to be back in Boston this spring. I am very passionate about learning about other cultures and living my life through experiences while meeting new people, which I believe Tech plays a large role in. Along the same line of trying new things, I love food even though I’m gluten free. Whenever I visit a new city I always try to find restaurants or bakeries that are gluten free because, while I am not celiac, I love to see what is out there. I have also been a figure skater since I was 4 years old and continue to skate at BC on the Club Synchronized Skating Team. My family is really into hockey and my dad used to build an ice rink in our backyard every winter. If anyone wants to learn how to skate (because it’s awesome), I teach the beginner ice skating class at the Plex and encourage everyone to take it! Lastly, I love fashion and everything about it. I am particularly interested in how the fashion world is affected by new technology and sustainability advancements in business. I am the Editor in Chief of the Fashion Club magazine at BC and I created the digital version of the magazine last year due to a $0 budget to increase student involvement, cut costs, and promote sustainability!


My dog Honeydew with her toy!

At BC I lived in Fenwick freshman year, in Walsh last year, and I will be living in Voute when I return for the spring. Along with fashion club and club figure skating, I was involved in the Pulse program last year and my placement was with West End House Boys and Girls Club in Allston as an academic success volunteer. While working with elementary age children could be very difficult sometimes, I really enjoyed my time helping these kids and getting to know everyone in the West End House community!


Me and my parents in Portugal over fall holiday!

I am so excited for Tech Trek this spring because I have only heard good things about it! I first became interested in tech and information systems when I took Computers in Management freshman year with Professor Wyner. I loved learning about Amazon and Zara and the way they organize, manage, and continuously innovate their companies. I enjoyed it so much that I became a TA for Professor Wyner’s class and furthered my interest in the tech industry by taking Professor Gallaugher’s Swift and iOS App Development course last year. While I can be incredibly computer challenged, I loved learning how to code and it made me so intrigued to learn even more about the tech industry and where it is going. I think that going to San Francisco will be a wonderful, immersive experience and I’m really excited to see what a day in the life is like at these powerful companies. As an entrepreneurship concentration, I am excited to use this course to further my knowledge on start-ups, technology, venture capital, and sustainability. My biggest expectation for this class is to learn from the experience of the trip and get to make connections with so many great people.

Below is a meme I happened to have on my phone that I like, but I’m also a BIG fan of The Office and those jokes, they never disappoint. Overall I’m so excited to learn, meet everyone, and have a great semester, especially our trip to SF!! Happy 2019 to everyone 🙂



My twitter account for class is @nastakerry

6 thoughts on “Selfie | Kerry Nasta

  1. Hi Kerry,
    I visited Paris last summer and stayed there for a week. I really enjoy my time in Paris and miss the artistic vibe there. Have you been to any interesting museum? So far, my favorite is Musée de l’Orangerie! I hope I could stay longer!

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  2. Hey Kerry,

    I am also from the Chicago area! Really cool that you got to study abroad in Paris last semester. Looking forward to meeting you and getting back to campus for the semester!

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  3. Hey Kerry!

    Studying abroad in Paris sounds amazing. I’ve never been, but it’s on my list of places to go! I’m looking forward to meeting you this semester!


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  4. Hi Kerry!

    I also studied abroad this fall, so I completely understand how you feel about coming back to BC. I’m excited to be back but I’m really missing Australia (my abroad country) as well.
    Also, I took Pulse last year and loved it too! My placement was at Bridge Over Troubled Waters.

    Can’t wait to meet you!

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  5. Hi Kerry!
    A little bit of different skating, but I am on the club ice hockey team and grew up skating as well. I always dreamed of having a rink in my backyard, but it is slanted so that wouldn’t really work. My roommate who did TechTrek East is also really interested in fashion, and gained a ton from this experience! I’m also a big fan of The Office Jokes, look forward to meeting you back on campus!
    Maddie Kirby

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  6. Great post! Awesome that you had the chance to study abroad in Paris! I can’t wait to hear more about it! One of my good friends is also on a skating team at BC, but I’m not sure if it’s the same one that you’re on. Do you know Emily Walker?


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