Selfie|Jing Tang

before skydiving

I am on the left; right next to me is my mom

Hi everyone! Happy New Year!

My name is Jing Tang. I am a sophomore studying Accounting in CSOM. I come from Zhuhai, a coastal city in Guangdong Province, China. Guangdong used to be the first place of sea trading in Chinese history because of its geographical advantage, and later, massive foreign products and innovations were brought by foreign merchants for the first time. As time passed, the locals are more inclined to accept brand-new things and they begin to form a vibrant environment and create a fertile soil for innovations and startups. Growing up in this area, I had the chance to witness the dramatic change of technology in China from the front line (many blue-chip companies were founded and based in Guangdong; e.g. Tencent, Huawei Technologies…) and take the advantage of  the most up-to-date products though I wasn’t fully aware of it when I was little.

My Hobbies

Starting from my interest, I am going to summarize myself using three titles: Dancer, Foodie, and Photographer( I am also the occasional model for my mom^^).

Everyone can be a dancer and has a dancing soul. If you don’t agree, it is because you didn’t find the right type of dance for you! When I started ballet at six years old, dancing was definitely a torture for me. I felt restrained when dancing in pointe shoes and doing uniformed and similar movements all the time. I didn’t enjoy doing ballet, so after practicing ballet for four years, I stopped dancing for a while. However, when I came to U.S. and took my first modern dance class in high school, I knew I fell in love with this type of dance. If I say ballet is a sonnet, then modern dance will be a free verse. Unlike classical ballet with structured movement and perfect choreography, modern dance is more about expressing instant feelings and improvisation. Later, dancing also becomes a means for me to release stress and re-energize myself.

If there is a concentration for ‘trying different foods’, I want to major in it for my whole life! Every time I travel to a new place, the first thing I will do is to open Yelp and get my empty stomach full. In my family, they share the same joke: the only thing that can make me mad is to stop me from finding foods, and at the same time, my parents always get mad because they are too hungry, but we are still on our way to the restaurant (I like walking instead of using transportation when I am traveling so it is probably the reason that the distance becomes so unbearable). When I am not traveling, I like to make food for myself. And during Chinese festival, I will make traditional Chinese food for my friends and family.

Another thing I enjoy the most is taking photos for people, meaningful moments and beautiful scenes. My favorite type of photo shooting is the combination of landscape and portrait. And my friends and family members who I travel with become my best model.

Activities at BC

I am the co-organizer of Kuaizi program which is a mentorship program that pairs BC students who have Chinese cultural background with local Chinese adoptees. We organize cultural activities every month (e.g. Chinese art and craft workshop, Taste of China – mooncake making events, Game Day and Parents Talk) to help the kids to learn about Chinese culture and enhance the feeling of community. Also, I am in the Analyst Program of Investment Club and participating in the weekly discussion of Women Innovators Networks.


In 2017, I still numbly took all the innovative products, internet, telecommunication, e-commerce for granted since I was born with these technological convenience. However, when I started a comparative analysis between’s e-commerce site) & & as well as two search giant, & during my internship last summer, I was intrigued in the story behind the scene. In the research process, I focused on user experience, website design, search algorithm, ads raking and came up with advantages and disadvantages in different service sites. After taking a closer look on these tech giants, they are no longer a giant logo or big name for me. I started to form a clearer answer to the questions: why these companies are successful, what kind of values are they consistently holding, how they execute these values on their services and business. However, that is not enough for me. Right now, I am only an explorer initially stepping in the New World; there is still a lot for me to explore. So I believe TTW is a good fit for me; I can continue the journey with a lot of companions who have the same interest as me.  Also, currently I am thinking about choosing a concentration between Computer Science and Information System. I hope I will get more exposure into tech industry and after this course I am able to make my final decision.

I hope you all enjoy your break so far and take a good rest from study! I am so excited for the new year to start and to meet you during class.


5 thoughts on “Selfie|Jing Tang

  1. Hi Jing! I want to start by saying that your pictures look amazing and I bet you have some really cool stories to go with them. I also think the Kuaizi Program you helped organize sounds very interesting and influential especially for the children it helps and I admire your ability to create such a program. I’m looking forward to meeting you in class!

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  2. Hi Jing,

    Like you, I have a strong passion for discovering and trying new food from all around the world. San Fransisco is one of the most intriguing US cities for food, so you will be quite satisfied during our trip there. I am excited to explore more of the tech industry as well this semester. See you in class!


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  3. Hi Jing!
    You’re research on Taobao, JD, and Amazon is very interesting to hear. I’m not sure I’ve put enough thought into the companies I place my trust. I would love to discuss your strategies more! I also love to discuss food although my expertise is mainly just Italian cuisine!


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  4. Hi Jing,

    Most colorful post I’ve seen so far. Your expressive nature is incredible. I really liked your statement ”I am only an explorer stepping into the new world’; TTW is definitely a new experience for all of us. Good to see that you’ve already got a strong interest in tech. Looking forward to speaking soon.

    Maybe you could start a food photography related startup in the future 😉

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  5. Hey Jing!! Love the post – you are so cool!! I agree 100% with the part about trying new foods…definitely one of the best parts of traveling 🙂 Also I think it’s awesome that you are a co-organizer of Kuaizi. I can’t wait to learn more about it!

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