Selfie: Patrick Carpenter

Hi everybody!

I apologize that my introductory post is a little bit late! I can’t wait to get back to campus and get our course started.

My name is Patrick Carpenter, and I am a sophomore in MCAS studying Economics, with minors in Faith, Peace, and Justice and Finance. I am originally from Wilmette, Illinois (just outside of Chicago). I have one younger sister and a Labradoodle named Oscar. Although I was born in Chicago, I lived near Detroit from ages 1-9, and I remain a loyal Detroit Tigers and Red Wings fan to this day. My family moved back to Illinois when I was in 5th grade, and we have lived there ever since. I spent most of my childhood playing baseball. I played varsity baseball in high school, but decided to focus on other activities once I got to college. Although I am a midwesterner at heart, I love being in Boston for school. I have relatives on the East coast and family ties to BC. (Fun fact: My grandparents met in Gasson!).

This past summer, I had the chance to work on the campaign of JB Pritzker for governor of Illinois, which was a great experience. Before becoming the governor-elect of Illinois, Pritzker worked in venture capital and founded 1871, a digital startup incubator in Chicago. The city has become a hub of technology and entrepreneurship. I can’t wait to learn more about the tech scene and hopefully connect with some of the companies near my home in Chicago. I am relatively new to the world of technology and entrepreneurship, so I am excited to get things going with our course!

Me with the other Gavel Sports editors last semester. I am on the left.

Here at BC, I am involved in a number of different extracurricular activities. I will be serving as the Sports Editor for The Gavel this semester, which I am extremely excited about. I have a music radio show, participate in 4Boston, and I am also a tour guide. My 4B placement is Women’s Lunch Place – I wake up at 5:30 on Wednesday mornings to go downtown and work in the kitchen. WLP is a daytime shelter for homeless women in the Boston area, and it’s become a really important part of my college life.

Outside of the classroom, I enjoy music, movies, and baseball. I love going to see live music, and one of my favorite spots in Boston is the Coolidge Corner Theater, where I often go to see movies with my friends. My music taste is really all over the place, but some of my favorites include Jack White, Brockhampton, and Hippo Campus.

Two of my friends and I at Lollapalooza in downtown Chicago this past summer. I am on the right.
My roommate and I sweaty from playing Spikeball, and two of our friends all dressed up for the Military Ball. I’m all the way on the right.
The family

I first heard about Tech Trek last semester from a friend who participated in Tech Trek East. When he first described the course to me, I wasn’t really sure exactly what the class was all about. After doing some more research, I knew that I wanted to apply. I was exposed to the world of entrepreneurship a little bit in high school. I participated in a speaker series and entrepreneurial competition during my junior and senior years, where I got to hear from a number of young entrepreneurs in the Chicago area.

I hope to gain a deeper knowledge of the tech industry through this class. Venture capital particularly interests me; I am looking forward to getting to meet with some VC firms and asking questions of the professionals there. I expect that this class will be challenging and invigorating. Even before we have had our first session together, I can already tell that this course will be very different than the others that I have taken at BC. I expect that this class will be easily applicable to professional life. Getting to travel to Silicon Valley and to learn from leaders in the tech industry is an unique and valuable opportunity, and I can’t wait to start our Tech Trek journey together. I’m looking forward to getting to know the ins and outs of how tech businesses run, from early-stage startups to the giants we all know like Apple and Facebook. What really interests me most about this class, however, is the opportunity to meet professionals who are actually in the industry. I can’t wait to make connections and learn from the people we meet while participating in Tech Trek. I expect that this class will be a unforgettable experience!

For my meme, I chose one that is a crossover BC/Parks and Rec meme. As a student in MCAS, I can identify with this one!

Finally, I’ll leave you guys with a picture from my favorite place in the world: Northern Michigan. My grandparents have a cottage right on Lake Michigan, and I have been going there for my whole life. The house faces west over the water, so sitting out on these chairs for the sunset is always a treat.

Frankfort, Michigan

My twitter handle for the class is @PCarpenter_. I can’t wait to get back to campus and get the semester started! I’m really looking forward to meeting everyone. See you guys soon!

7 thoughts on “Selfie: Patrick Carpenter

  1. Patrick,

    It’s awesome to hear how involved you are as a student, and especially with the community. Waking up at 5:30 on Wednesdays to work at WLP really shows your dedication to helping others. As far as the class goes, I am also really excited to learn and get more familiar with different VC firms. Can’t wait for class.


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  2. Patrick!
    Nice to see a fellow Midwesterner in the class. My sister currently lives in Chicago so I am up there pretty often– a great city (glad to hear you aren’t a Cubs fan, though). Your experiences with your 4B placement seem very interesting and special. Waking up at 5:30 shows a lot of dedication! That is awesome. Can’t wait to hear more when we meet next week. – George

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  3. Hi Patrick,

    It’s really cool that you have a music radio show. Do you broadcast it at BC?
    It’s also amazing that you’re the sports editor for The Gavel. I’m good friends with Sydney so that photo caught my attention.

    I look forward to meeting you!


  4. Hi Patrick,
    I participated in 4Boston last year and found it a very rewarding experience. I can’t believe you wake up at 5:30 that is amazing! I also find the Venture Capital aspect of this course really interesting, and can’t believe the once-in-a-lifetime opportunities provided by this class. I’m looking forward to meeting you back on campus!
    Maddie Kirby


  5. Hi Patrick!
    I’m not overly interested in working in politics but I find campaigning very interesting. Do you think you will continue working in the public sector after your internship with JB Pritzker? I am also a huge Brockhampton fan, were you able to go to their concert in October?

    I look forward to meeting you!


  6. Hi Patrick! That’s really impressive that you were able to work on a campaign–though I’m not particularly involved in that type of thing, I do find it interesting, I hadn’t heard of 1871 before, but I’m always excited to hear about startup incubators. 4B is something I’ve always wanted to get into since getting to BC so I’m glad to hear you’re getting so much out of it. Looking forward to meeting you Wednesday!


  7. Hi Patrick,

    Love the cottage picture. The view looks absolutely incredible. I actually went to see a live Brockhampton concert no too long ago. Definitely impressed that your so active on campus. I think you’ll bring a diverse perspective to our discussion in class with your unique background. Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow!


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