Selfie: Michael Nelson

Hello everyone! My name is Michael Nelson, sophomore in CSOM studying computer science and information systems with a minor in philosophy. I’ve grown up in small town in Upstate New York near Rochester. I went to a public high school which I describe as painfully stereotypical: football dominated everything, cliques everywhere like an old Disney movie, and not enough recognition for the arts programs. I was a soccer player but that’s as much as I identified with my school. My greatest focus in high school was school work and my job at an Italian restaurant called Joey’s Pasta House; where, I worked up from a busser to a front-staff manager and everything in between. Volunteering was also important to me, photographed is myself at a soccer camp where I insisted I should be referred to as “Head Camper” far into my senior year.

I love the outdoors! I spend most of my summer hours at a small local park called Boughton Ponds, where I do some small fishing and A LOT of reading. My favorite authors are, in no particular order, Jon Krackeur, George Orwell, Ernest Hemmingway, and James Baldwin. I am also obsessed with TV culture, namely Community, Rick & Morty, Westworld, and Black Mirror. I listen to nearly all types of music; this break I was on a kick including Nirvana, classical, and, as always, Frank Ocean.

My BC experience can largely composed to two involvements: PULSE and club soccer. I jumped into PULSE my freshman year because I had never taken philosophy or theology classes, and I saw it as a unique opportunity when no one else entered the lottery during my registration! I am beyond thankful for my service at Haley House soup kitchen. My passion for cooking was elevated there to a much greater purpose. Although I do not visit enough, I still go at least once a month and write letters to those I served with wherever they may be.

Like many students who participate in them, my club sports experience has helped me find many of my best friends. I have never played on a team I felt so comfortable with and for that I am blessed. Through club soccer, I also found other club involvements. I am actually the Treasurer/Events Coordinator for The Philosophical Society! We hold weekly discussions with a philosophical lens on any topic ranging from the Opioids Crisis to Personality Perceptions in a college atmosphere, check us out!

I am beyond excited for Tech Trek! Particularly our deep dives into the companies we will be visiting; the course’s unique structure allows us to go deeper than any class I’ve taken so far in CSOM. A teammate of mine, Kevin Callanan, was able to participate in Tech Trek east last semester and could not say enough great things. My interests of focus will be AI, corporate ethics, and ethics in AI!

I have a running joke with a friend of sending memes from the twitter account @WholesomeMeme, highly recommend a follow on your personal account! I was sent this meme because “it’s sooo you.” However, I’m not sure which person I am supposed to be.

The twitter account I will be using for this class is @Michael32848690. I apologize for the obnoxious number; I’ll just find all of you!

I love to meet new people and cannot wait to start discussing in class!


One thought on “Selfie: Michael Nelson

  1. Hey Mike! Glad to hear Kevin had so many good things to say about the class. I am also studying Information Systems and Philosophy, and the Philosophical Society sounds really interesting! I would love to learn more about it. I’m very glad you also worked at a restaurant in high school — I’m a large supporter of the fact that everyone should work in food service at some point in their life. I’m really glad you’re looking forward to this class, we’re very excited to have you! See you this week!

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