Big-Data Policing: Is it Helping or Hurting Society?

According to Andrew Ferguson, “more than 60 American police departments use some form of “predictive policing” to guide their day-to-day operations.” Last year, Ferguson published the book The Rise of Big Data Policing which introduces the cutting edge technology that police departments around the country are beginning to implement, making their job more proactive. By compiling … Continue reading Big-Data Policing: Is it Helping or Hurting Society?

Zero to One

Peter Thiel’s book, Zero to One, gives his insight on start-ups and how business owners should model their business for optimal success. Thiel is the co-founder of Paypal, an online payment service, and Founders Fund, a venture capital fund. After years of developing his own startups and investing in others, Thiel taught a course at … Continue reading Zero to One


About Me Hi everyone! My name is Elizabeth Sarian and I am a sophomore in CSOM. I am technically still undeclared and am planning on double concentrating in Marketing and Finance. I am from Malvern, PA (a suburb of Philadelphia,) but most of my extended family is from the greater Boston area, so moving to … Continue reading Introduction