The Culture at Houzz

The Bay Area, Silicon Valley, and Palo Alto are well-known for one thing: the thriving tech startup scene. There’s nearly a startup around every corner that’s filled with enthusiastic, young people trying to solve the impossible. Through creative team collaborations, hard work, and lots of optimism, these ambitious millennials take on hard problems head-on in … Continue reading The Culture at Houzz

Book Summary- The Sharing Economy

Summary In the book The Sharing Economy written by Arun Sundararajan, it explains what the sharing economy is and its cause, effects, and its future implications. Sundararajan defines the sharing economy, also known as crowd-based capitalism, as “an economic system with the following 5 characteristics: Largely market-basedHigh-impact capital, how capital is better utilizedCrowd-based “networks” rather … Continue reading Book Summary- The Sharing Economy