About Me Hi everyone! My name is Elizabeth Sarian and I am a sophomore in CSOM. I am technically still undeclared and am planning on double concentrating in Marketing and Finance. I am from Malvern, PA (a suburb of Philadelphia,) but most of my extended family is from the greater Boston area, so moving to … Continue reading Introduction

Facebook: The King of Advertising

Unsurprisingly, every student in our class has a Facebook account. Today, Facebook has become a necessity for any college student – or rather for any functioning member of society.   Founding Story On February 4, 2004, Harvard students Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin launched a social networking service called “The Facebook”. The website improved on … Continue reading Facebook: The King of Advertising

Fanatics: A Recent Analysis of Their Current Events

In this post, I will list and analysis some notable current activity of Fanatics from the past year so we may all be better prepared for our visit to their headquarters over spring break. Fanatics Has Record Super Bowl Sales After Targeted Ads Following this most recent Super Bowl, Fanatics has had record sales on … Continue reading Fanatics: A Recent Analysis of Their Current Events

Book Summary Tap: Unlocking the Mobile Economy

"Americans prefer chewy cookies while Europeans prefer crunchy." How do we know this? Data. Over winter break I had the pleasure of reading Anindya Ghose's Tap: Unlocking the Mobile Economy, a fantastic book detailing his years of insight, experience and knowledge of data driven marketing on the mobile platform. Here is my summary and review. Summary In his … Continue reading Book Summary Tap: Unlocking the Mobile Economy