Data Breaches: Why they happen and How to Prevent Them

Equifax, Marriot, Target, JP Morgan Chase, eBay. What do all of these large corporations have in common? High profile data breaches. In 2017 Equifax exposed the personal information of more than 150 million people. In 2018 Marriot exposed the personal information of up to 500 million people. It seems that no company is safe and … Continue reading Data Breaches: Why they happen and How to Prevent Them

When the Eagles flew West

Thank you to Professor Kane, Professor Doyle, Kelsey, and Matt for teaching us, providing the resources and information to be informed, and organizing an incredible trip. Without you all, the trip would not have been what it was. Thank you so much! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I knew I wanted to do Tech Trek since I heard about … Continue reading When the Eagles flew West

Facebook: The King of Advertising

Unsurprisingly, every student in our class has a Facebook account. Today, Facebook has become a necessity for any college student – or rather for any functioning member of society.   Founding Story On February 4, 2004, Harvard students Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin launched a social networking service called “The Facebook”. The website improved on … Continue reading Facebook: The King of Advertising